Wooden Giant

Wooden Giant is a nimble multi-disciplinary service collective. We can help you with your project.


James Hetmanek

James is a Toronto based digital specialist and project manager with diverse experience across many industries, including: manufacturing, forestry, nautical maintainance, not-for-profit, education, music, retail, and children's entertainment. Educated as an engineer and in the business of children's entertainment, James serves on the board of Floorball Ontario as the director of referees and as songwriter-in-residence for Descante Magazine's Hear/Hear reading series.


Varun Vachhar

Varun is a designer of interfaces and interactive installations. He uses programming as a design tool to give users an intuitive and playful experience. Originally from New Delhi, India he studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta and Interactive/Media/Design at the Dutch Royal Academy of Art. Having worked on a diverse array of commercial, commissioned, and personal projects, he presently works as a developer.